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Our mission is to be a leader in workforce development services, providing each customer with the means to meet their various workforce goals through professionalism, flexability, and innovation.

Demonstrated Effectiveness
 "Through working with Tammy we have been able to establish a refined testing agenda. Some skills are easier to teach than others. With the refined testing agenda, we weigh some topics higher than originally expected." "The funding has helped us proceed at a faster rate to get certification for our company. We have begun the process of becoming ISO-13485 certified." 
- Mr. Dan Reed, CEO, R&R Tool, Inc., Medical Part Manufacturing

 "The quality of rapid response and other services provided during this long saga should be journalized and used as a model for any other potential mass layoff scenarios within our country."
- Mr. Rob Hedrick, Director of Fayette County - Economic Development Department
"The support for workforce training that Workforce Services Unlimited, Inc. (WSU) extended to AMES has been an important contribution to our initial startup success and our ability to grow this business. ...In fact, 96% of those hired under these grant terms are still with AMES today."
- Mr. Bradley T. Templeton, President and General Manager, Airbourne Maintenance & Engineering Services

"...not only help dislocated workers but also Human Resource people who are charged with helping their co-workers make sense of this business and life changing decisions while managing their own deep sense of loss.  ...I will always be grateful for how they helped our Calmar family." - Mr. Tom Payton, Human Resource Manager, Calmar

"This is a high-performance organization dedicated to improving customers focus, skill level, managing resources and with a concern for the spirit of the economy... and they have the data to back it up..." - U.S, Department of Labor, Best Practices Tour

"We came here to learn more about the work of this agency, its services offered to laid-off workers, especially in the area of information technology, and in its use and application..."
-Mr. Stojan Tranjanov, secretary, Ministry of labor and Social Policy, Macedonia (Eastern Baltic)

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